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Ever since the nineties, AOL has allowed users of its AOL Desktop software to converse with other users in chat rooms.

Browse existing chat rooms or create a new one by using the Chat Room Listings keyword.

Wild Buddies has several different ways that you could meet the guy that you want to hang out with.

By using the free chat rooms, you’ve instantly thrust yourself into the excitement.Wild Buddies has a dating chat room that will appeal to anyone, no matter where you are.These can be particularly useful for people who travel a lot and want to meet someone who can show them around the city they may be visiting.Imagine how useful it is landing at a new airport and knowing that you have someone waiting for you.Because you went onto Wild Buddies and joined a gay chat room for the city where you are visiting, you have secured yourself a companion for your trip.Before the wonders of the Internet, lonely singles had to make plans, get dressed up, and actually go outside to meet people. My introverted heart feels tired just typing all that.

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