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She is not a crusading 'new atheist', bent at driving a wedge in increasingly visible cracks of the religious edifice.“I go to church,” she says, “so I have no agenda in putting this history forward…“I think it’s within our DNA as a social species," she said."Religion is what makes civilisation.”Visit Bettany's website here.

Hughes is quick to point out that she has no axe to grind with church or religion.They appeared to have been having dinner with a group of friends at the restaurant.Rosee describes herself as a "retired vixen" in her Instagram bio, and she is now believed to be working as an artist under the name Sophie B.but the question of women is a very interesting ‘what if?’"Hughes draws the line when asked if the problems of the modern church stem from this patriarchal model. the issue of the modern church is an incredibly complex problem worthy of a lifetime of historical study."Women were seen by their very nature as unclean," she argues.

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