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Maybe he's another candidate for godhood, besides Haruhi. The OWCA is actually an experimental subsidiary of the OSI that has been working with animals as a quick and cheap way for creating a mass surge of agents. They both involve speaking pretty much all the time, the answers you give aren't really the important part, and the ending of their theme songs sound similar (though that last one could just be me). A card-carrying villain Played for Laughs,his nemesis has a cool hat, and is responsible for many WMGs? Ferb is his secluded, silent, and goth-girl (Gaz) relating side, and also the book-smart one.

However, their powers are not strong enough to majorly affect anything alone. These agents are used to combat and neutralize the lowest echelons of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, specifically those who are either incredibly minor threats or the most incompetent members within the Guild. Young Isabella was caught up in that whole "It Girl" fad where people were dressing like Helga Pataki. They both have an interest in the paranormal, as evidenced in "Get That Bigfoot Outta My Face" or "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!

If I travel to a dimension where my daily life is a popular show on television, it would be simple to make such a page for that show.

Once the locals are complacent, I can enter a guess as to what the secret weakness of Perry the Platypus is, wait for one of the wild, mass responses to be confirmed, and use that weakness to defeat Perry the Platypus and take over the Entire Tri-state Area!

They accidentally stepped into the Magical Realm where fantastical things do exist. She retains the wardrobe of the Hey Arnold universe, and the un/semi-requited crush on the lead character. He's shown to be very good with tech, and it's been shown that he can knock down doors, so he may have fighting ability. The happy atmosphere is exactly the opposite of what his world is like, creating sort of a haven for his bruised and battered mind. Linda is Dexter's mom, they are oblivous to their sons' intellect and they look very much alike. Both have a handbook containing knowledge on everything ever, and their members have a tendency to be affiliated with main characters. He has gaps in his memory that involded his fairies.

Oddly intelligent (but non-speaking) animals, weird technology, and selective characters with really weird heads. But on the other hand, she has a loving, involved mother, and is well-liked by her peer group. He just acts like a jerk to hide his true altruistic nature so nobody catches on. There are three possible canidates as to what his fairies where 1.

Perhaps Monogram hired him so Candace would think she's hallucinating when she sees Perry in Agent Mode.

That would explain why Perry knows about him in "Phineas And Ferb Get Busted" In his backstories, he describes a world that sounds awfully unlike any modern English-speaking part of the world.

As proof: He knew who the Baljeatles were even though this was their first concert.The theme song explains that there are 104 days of summer, and it's implied (and stated by Candace in passing at one point) that Phineas and Ferb plan each one of their activities one day of the summer... : O The series is really an encapsulation of one whole summer, which is why you never see any characters age! plus one- this, of course, excludes the Christmas episode, which takes place during winter vacation!Perry just wanders around on four legs and makes the chittering noise, but his eyes change more significantly and immediately than would seem natural (though he could just have a slack-jawed bored face going on because he's waiting for orders).Ferb's mother may have abandoned the family to go back to her home planet.Ever notice how he only appears whenever Candace sees Perry in secret agent mode?The trigger word could be "where's Perry", possibly canceled by "he's right here" and maybe "there you are, Perry" to keep his cover from being blown.

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