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In this video I give a brief tour of my nursery and explain what Ive done with it so far. Sangenic Windeltwister Nursery Essentials Schnell und bequem - Extrem günstig - Effektiv In dem Sangenic-Eimer werden die Windeln in einem Folienschlauch der Reihe nach einzeln eingeschlossen.

Step 1: Earn VIP Status or purchase your diaper Check page and pay for it below Step 2: Fill out the Diaper Check Scheduling form (Must be in that order.

My wardrobe also includes fetish items, like latex and leather, boots, and costumes and uniforms. Experience I’ve been active in the Dominant-submissive lifestyle since 2003, when I turned 18.

I’ve written two books on age play and diaper fetishism: .

For those age players, Littles, sissies, and diaper lovers who enjoy the darker corner of the nursery, I offer domestic discipline, spanking, enemas, and other creative punishments with nursery restraints, pacifier gags, and more.My ABDL website, Pampered Penny.com, has been running in some form or another since the early 2000s. You may or may not enjoy learning to behave as a proper young man, adult baby, or widdle sissy.Limits My limits are: no sex, no scat play, no competitive wrestling, no Roman showers. Failure to meet my demands will result in discipline and I have, oh, so many deliciously cruel toys to punish you with!That 60 minutes may be divided up during that week.VIP status is awarded once the 60 minutes have purchased/used.All others will be immediately discarded) Diaper check scheduling Form There are two ways to get signed up for diaper checks.

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